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FOUR17 is the wide array of services offered by music industry veteran, Brandyn Steen. These include but are not limited to: artist management, artist development, booking, event production, consulting and label services. Since 2012, Brandyn has been working to provide his artists and clients with strategic advice and opportunity to further their musical careers. In the last two decades, the music business has gone through tremendous changes that has altered the way music is experienced and consumed. As the music business continues to shift through the influence of social media and digital media services, artists must know how to adapt and grow. He understands these changes and how to create competitive advantages for his clients.

Areas of focus include:
- A&R

- Artist Development
- Branding & Imaging
- Co-Writing & Publishing
- Endorsements & Sponsorships

- General Consulting and Career Strategies

- Live Event Engagement
- Licensing
- Merchandising
- Performance & Touring

- Public Relations
- Radio Promotion & Radio Tours

- Social Media Strategies

+ More


Brands we work with:


- Busch Beer

- Carnival Cruise Line

- CForce Bottled Water (by Chuck Norris) 
- CINCH Jeans

- Durango Boot

- Ernie Ball

- Ford Truck 

- KICKER Audio

- Lone Star Beer

- Mossy Oak

- Ole Milwaukee Beer 

- Rebecca Creek Distillery 

- Royal Caribbean

+ More




- Brandyn Steen was named to the 2015 Class of Nashville's Top 30 Under 30

- Published songs that have appeared # 1 on Billboard Albums

- Published songs that have reached # 1 on The Texas Regional Radio Report

- Serves as Nashville's Ambassador for The Texas Country Music Association


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