FOUR17 Entertainment is a full service Artist Management Company. Founded in 2015, we were established with one goal in mind: To ensure our Artists are getting the tools and opportunities they need in order to further their musical career. The music business has changed drastically over the last several years. The transition into digital media from CD's and the introduction of social media has transformed the music industry into a brand new business model. Our staff is dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to assist our clients with all of their Artist needs.


FOUR17 strives to be the one stop shop for all of the Artists who we work with. From Creative Services to Artist Administration to Performance & Touring we put all of our efforts into making sure all of our Clients goals are met.

What we assist our Artist's with:


- A&R
- Branding

- Co-Writing
- Endorsements
- Imaging
- Licensing
- Merchandising
- Performance & Touring
- Publishing

- Radio Promotion & Radio Tours
- Sponsorships


FOUR17 is commited to their Artists and their careers!


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